The Journey

Hello, I’m Ariel Becker, the proud owner and CEO of Becker and the Co., an esteemed Event Planning and Production company nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA. At Becker and the Co., we specialize in orchestrating various events, from corporate gatherings and galas to weddings and Bar Mitzvahs—fulfilling every need for those special occasions.

My journey in the world of hospitality and event management began in Israel, where I was born and raised. In the early ’80s, I ventured to Miami to study Hotel, Travel, and Tourism Management. Starting from the humble role of a dishwasher, I steadily climbed the ranks to become the Food and Beverage Manager at Williams Island.

Upon completing my studies, I returned to Israel, serving as the Director of Catering at the Tel Aviv Hilton and later as the General Manager at Carmel Forest Spa Resort. Eager for new horizons, I ventured into entrepreneurship, opening my own Event Planning company and executing numerous events in Israel and Turkey, Austria, the US, and even Kazakhstan.

In 2005, I moved to the US and joined Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a Hotel Director, overseeing some of the world’s largest ships. Subsequently, I embraced a role at the World Bank Organization for RAm, serving as the Regional VP of Operations for Food and Beverage, Catering, Conferencing, and Retail.

Following this enriching chapter, I relocated to Los Angeles and founded Becker and the Co. Our strength lies in our extensive experience and the diverse talents of our multifaceted team. We seamlessly complement each other, ensuring perfection at every event we undertake. Welcome to the Becker and the Co. world, where we transform your special moments into unforgettable memories.