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Burning Man in Malibu
Burning Man in Malibu

On the grass yard overlooking the water, we built a sturdy open face teepee with some pillows and blanket inside for some lounge seating. On the steps leading down to the lawn, we laid out cute lounge seating with a blanket and different pillows. On the deck below the lawn, we built a few large, circular LED swings for people to swing on. Inside, upon guest arrival, we had some props and fun accessories for the burning man theme for guests to wear and take home. Everyone in attendance came dressed up as if they were partying at the Burning Man Festival. There were food stations and many activities and entertainment to enjoy. You could take pictures in front of a photo wall or at the photo booth. People danced and were made to feel like they were at the festival for a night, but really at their friends’ Malibu home.

Photos Marcos Daniel
The Rodrigues
Private Residence
Catering Redfish
Florist Enso Creative
The Lighterside LA
DJ Itai

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